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Michigan Family Reunion Trophies and Awards

July 23, 2018 at 04:27 AM

Michigan Family Reunion Trophies

If you’ve ever had your own family reunion you know they can be great fun, but saying goodbye at the end of one can be a little sad. After all, it’s most likely going to be at least a year before you’ll all be together again, and organizing family reunions can be tricky. People sometimes come from all over the globe for them. This year, why not change that? Why don’t you finish off your family reunion with a bang – make it an awards ceremony! Instead of everyone being down and out about having to go home and leave their loved ones, people can be proud of the things they’ve won and the recognition they’ve received. Read on for some of our ideas on how to make your award ceremony the most memorable it can be:

Make it a team effort

Get everyone in on the act! Organizing a family reunion is a team effort, and the award ceremony should be no different. Does Uncle Jared know how to play the piano? Get him to provide the music! Can Aunt Donna dance? She can do an intermission number! At the end of the day it’s about your family coming together to celebrate, and everyone pitching in just makes it all the more special. To really make it feel like an award ceremony dressing up should be encouraged – and since everyone these days has their own camera in the form of a phone, you can even have “Paparazzi” taking photos of your guests so they can show off their outfits on social media. All you have to do is take turns being the paparazzi and the guests!

Have awards specific to your family

Michigan Family Reunion Medals

You, of course, know your family the best – so don’t think you’re limited by boring awards categories. Think outside the box! You can even take suggestions and votes from your family – some of the best ideas come from inside jokes only your family will “get,” and in our experience these are some of the most treasured awards we see! A “Best Meatloaf” trophy in the shape of meatloaf for Grandma who’s been making her signature meatloaf for 30 years is something that everyone can laugh about and appreciate.

Competition is fine!

Michigan Family Reunion Trophy

If you want to build up some anticipation for the awards ceremony, it’s a good idea to announce some of the awards in advance so people can prepare. Who knows, you might even create an annual good-natured rivalry for some of the awards. People getting excited over this event are a good thing, of course! What’s important is that the award categories where competition are encouraged aren’t taken too seriously – it’s all great fun to compete over the “Karaoke Master” award or the “Most Facial Hair” medal, but it should be light and playful.

One thing to keep in mind is that the awards and trophies should be personalized to fit your family and their sensibilities. You can make your awards and trophies elegant and classy if your family is on the older, more distinguished side – or you can make them more whimsical and jokey if your award winners are younger and less serious. The important thing is to make it count, make it matter, and make it personal.

No one understands the importance of personalization more than Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving. We offer a wide range of services for customization and personalization no matter the season or occasion. To learn more about family reunion trophies and awards that we can create for you, give us a call at 734-266-1815 or fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you personally.

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