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The Ultimate Car Show in Michigan

July 19, 2016 at 06:53 AM

Michigan Car Show Awards Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving

Of all the car shows in the country, there is one clear standout. It is the biggest single-day event that draws together the most diverse of audiences, and of course, the best-looking cars of any era. It is also the only car show with the most historical and cultural significance. Yes, it is the Woodward Dream Cruise, the nostalgic and exhilarating car show that commemorates Woodward Avenue—the nation’s first ever highway.

How did the Woodward Dream Cruise begin?

Woodward Dream Cruise

Before the Woodward Dream Cruise became the world-renowned automotive event it is today, it was a simple fundraising event for the community of Ferndale, Michigan to be able to build their very own soccer field. The concept was brilliant—since Woodward Avenue was the first highway ever built, why not relive the golden days of the 50s and 60s car models? Where better to parade these timeless beauties than Woodward Avenue, a road steeped in history and national pride?

So in August 1995, Nelson House and his crew of vintage car aficionados put up the first ever Woodward Dream Cruise. On that first event alone, over 250,000 people participated. The event was such a great hit that it became the global car show that we know it today.

Nowadays, almost 2 million people attend the show year after year. There are close to 50,000 cars on display for just one day, and this is indeed a spectacle that participants all the way from Australia, Japan and New Zealand attend every year. The event also serves as an annual rites of passage to summer, with North American cruisers from California and Georgia, and even Canada, topping the show every year.

Although the car show itself lasts only a single day, the festivities surrounding the event stretch on for an entire week. Other activities that draw attention from various crowds include the 5K Run called the “Cruise in Shoes.” All across Woodward Avenue, you’d find numerous attractions such as inflatable zones for kids, block parties and community cookouts, sidewalk performances, flea markets, various contests, musical performances, and more car shows.

Whether you are participating in the main event or whether you are just there to enjoy the different sights, sounds and spectacles, the Woodward Dream Cruise will prove to be an exciting and enjoyable experience for you and the entire family.

Michigan Car Show Medals

How do you steal the show? 

Year after year, the attractions get bigger and more amazing. From hot rods to muscle cars, oversized white-walled tires to custom-painted body kits, someone always has an edge over the competition. The most coveted car is usually met with thunderous applause, a sound even louder than the roar of a big block V8 engine.

With all kinds of beautiful cars on exhibit, how can your ride stand out?

There is bound to be a vintage car set-up that’s shinier and more decked out than yours. So how do you get noticed in a sea of scene-stealing automobiles?

The answer is performance.

If you are planning on taking a Corvette to the show, whether it’s a C6 or C7 Stingray, you have to have the Great Lakes Radar Detecting Mount Bracket. If you are driving a car like the Corvette, you know that your machine’s engineering can take on hell-raising speed. Don’t be slowed down by an ugly suction cup mounting bracket that typically comes with most radar detectors. Instead, go for the timeless class and quality build of the Great Lakes Radar Detecting Mount Bracket.

Corvette Radar Detector Mounting Bracket

Developed by the owner of Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving, an avid Corvette enthusiast, this special type of mounting bracket sits just below the rear-view mirror and is practically invisible. Nothing will disturb the sleek design of your car with this stylish add-on.

The other option is to use the black plastic sun visor that comes with the Valentine 1 radar detector. It is easy to snap on and remove, and is compatible with all popular radar detector units.

If you are ready to turn some heads with your precision driving and smooth speed, you could bring home a specialty trophy or award. Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving specializes in making customized awards that are built with the same timeless class and quality as our mounts. Call us at 734-266-1815 to know more about our services!

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