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The Importance of Employee Recognition at Work / Year End Corporate Awards

December 15, 2015 at 08:01 AM

Michigan Corporate Awards

There are various studies on human psychology and corporate culture that show the many different motivators employees have in the workplace. The common factors that keep individuals going include financial stability, a sense of achievement, an opportunity for a promotion, an opportunity to continue learning new things, and having power or control. However, the most important but often overlooked motivator is the wonderful power of employee recognition.

Employee recognition leads to job satisfaction

Studies show that employees who feel that their work and contributions are being properly recognized are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. These employees feel good about themselves and are then motivated enough to continue doing good work for the company. When an employee knows that his or her efforts are appreciated and recognized, they also develop the determination to improve and excel at what they do, which in turn ensures the company with quality work and service from that employee.

Heighten the level of employee loyalty 

Michigan End of Year Awards

Another very important effect of recognizing your employee’s work is increasing their desire to stay with the company. One measure of success is a company’s ability to retain their best employees and workers. If your people are raring to jump ship because they are unhappy with their roles in the company, then you will soon be left with an empty deck, which is just as bad as a sinking ship.

The costs needed to train new employees are always high. You will need to invest money, time and trust to a new set of individuals whom you still have to get to know. On the other hand, if you just make sure that all your people are appreciated at work, you might never have to look for new people to fill up their roles. Instead, you can grow your most loyal employees into becoming the next generation leaders of the entire company. This way, you can do other things like go on family vacations, travel the world, or start a completely new business venture, while maintaining the peace of mind that everything at work is being handled by good hands.

It doesn’t have to cost a thing 

The beauty of employee recognition is that it can be as simple as articulating the words “job well done.” It’s all about creating a positive and open communication line with your employees. You start it off with an affirmative vibe by being vocal about their strengths and contributions, and before you know it, you have already built a solid circle of trust within the company.

You need to invest time to talk to your employees and ask them about their days so they don’t fall into the trap of feeling bored or unimportant. Simply talking to your employees can make them feel grateful for working in a place that values them not just as employees but also as individual human beings.

It doesn’t have to be complicated 

Michigan Corporate Awards and Gifts

Aside from verbally expressing your gratitude to your employees, you can also give out corporate awards that are meant to last a little longer. It doesn’t even have to be complicated. Sometimes, the simplest awards go a long way. So whether it’s a simple congratulations for maintaining a perfect attendance record, or a cause to celebrate the person with the highest sales, or the most number of clients won, it is always better to have something tangible to represent these ideals.

The cost of customized awards in the form of trophies, plaques, medals, nameplates and more is only a fraction of the huge cost needed to hire and train new employees. Not to mention that training new employees includes the risk of hiring people not fit for the job. Reward your trusted employees and you will never have to take that risk.

The bottom line is this. Employee recognition does not cost—in fact, it pays off.

Michigan Trophies and Awards

If you want to keep all your best people, and if you want to increase other employee’s confidence so they would step up their performance, you should consider giving away corporate awards to close the year. Get in touch with Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving at 734-266-1815 today and learn about how you can order your own custom awards to give away!

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