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Michigan Soccer Leagues and Trophies

May 23, 2016 at 08:20 AM

Michigan Soccer Trophies

Soccer is the world’s most famous sport and there are plenty of reasons why children should learn how to play it. Soccer is one of the top sports choices for kids aged 6 years old and up all over America, and it teaches plenty of beneficial lessons to anyone who gets into the sport.

If you are a parent looking for the perfect summer activity for the kids, you should consider soccer. Here are some of the top reasons why the sport is a well-known investment for children as they grow older.

Soccer makes your child smarter

While it may seem that soccer is a purely physical activity, engaging in the sport proves to be far more than just athletic display. Soccer helps sharpen the mind by teaching the brain how to understand and execute strategy. Learning how to perform different plays also teaches your child how to be alert and flexible enough to keep up with the game’s dynamic nature. There have been a number of studies that correlate playing soccer and getting high marks in school, and the research that back up these studies shows that playing soccer teaches children not to be afraid of challenges, which helps them strive to get higher grades.

Michigan Soccer League Trophies

Soccer makes your child friendlier and more sociable

With the advent of technology and hand-held gadgets, kids these days are losing valuable face time in the real world. Many kids today perform their social activities through social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. However, it doesn’t take a genius to prove that friendships formed outside of the online world grow to be more significant and formidable.

Aside from sportsmanship and teamwork, soccer also teaches children the lasting value of true friendship. Your teammates become valuable parts of your life because you spend a lot of time with them, you recover from defeat with them, and you also celebrate sweet victory with them. Playing soccer together will solidify your bond. It will also teach you how to be more patient and understanding of your differences with other people, because you realize that no matter your disagreements, you must work together as one team.

Soccer will teach your child to love himself/herself

Most children suffer from poor self-image or lack of self-confidence because they don’t engage in activities that make them assert themselves. They fail to recognize their own capabilities, thus, they never get the chance to know how awesome they really are. Playing in a team sport like soccer will give your kid the chance to explore the horizon of his or her capabilities. Soccer will help your kid push limits so he or she can grow. Moreover, sharing this growth with fellow teammates will further boost confidence because it becomes a deep and long-lasting experience that everyone can cherish together.

Michigan Soccer League Awards

Soccer will teach your child the importance of recognition

Learning the value and importance of giving appreciation and rewards where it is due is another dimension that soccer can deepen within your child. Once your child learns the value of sharing recognition with teammates, or giving praise where it is due, your child will grow up to be more mature and loving of others. Some children have difficulty sharing recognition because they feel that giving other children attention is a way of removing the spotlight from them. This is not the case with soccer because the sport fosters teamwork. The success of one player is the success of the entire team. This will develop a strong sense of belonging in your kid and it will help them grow to be more giving and loving.

If your child is considering getting into soccer this summer, make sure to give away trophies and awards to symbolize their achievements. Trophies are physical manifestations of their success, and getting to display them or share them with their friends can help develop a healthy sense of pride in them.

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