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The Importance Of The Name Badge

September 22, 2016 at 05:33 PM

Michigan Name Badges

Making a great first impression begins with wearing the right name badge. Yes, the name badge remains to be the quintessential tool in facilitating the perfect formal yet warm introduction between individuals meeting each other for the first time. Whether it’s for your company, your church group, or a seminar you want to organize, the first order of business is always making sure that everybody knows everybody.

Why wear a name badge to work or to similar events? Here are some of the best reasons why:

Name badges eliminate the air of intimidation.

Nothing can feel more awkward and embarrassing than setting foot inside a room where you do not know anyone. Fortunately, with just a quick glimpse on a person’s name badge, you are handed the key to making a new friend. Name badges make new members of a group feel more confident because names are starting points to conversations. Moreover, having name badges makes the room feel less intimidating because you know that anyone can simply approach whomever they needed without flustering over how to initiate the conversation.

Michigan Custom Name Badges

Name badges are good for building brand identity.

Not a lot of companies these days insist on keeping a corporate attire in the office because younger employees are emboldened when their creativity and zest for new styles are duly recognized. While company uniforms are stifling and uncomfortable, name badges are more liberating and accepted as instruments of tying together the image of the brand. Wearing a name badge symbolizes that you belong, no matter how different you think, look or speak.

Name badges promote equality in the workplace or community.

Having a name badge policy in your company or group will exhibit fairness and equality from the topmost members down to the newest additions. Nobody should feel less special than the rest because everyone begins at the same launching point: the proclamation of a name.

Name badges are casual tools that promote formality when necessary.

Here’s something that you probably didn’t think of: younger people today think name badges look cool. They don’t hesitate to wear them. Instead, they are quick to find ways of personalizing their name badges to make their personal styles and identities easily shine through. The great thing about this is, although name badges are considered casual and cool by those who wear it, from an outsider’s perspective, seeing everyone in a group with a name badge promotes an air of formality. This legitimizes the overall presence of the group because it shows that the people involved are unified in doing their business.

Great Lakes Trophies Name Badges

Name badges promote security in your area.

Aside from showcasing each other’s names, badges perform a very special role in keeping the company secure. When everyone in the group wears a name badge, it becomes easy to spot those who do not belong in the setting. In the event that you find people with no name badges loitering in your area, you can approach them to ask what their intentions with your group are. You can also call security personnel to do this for you.

Name badges make customers want to order/purchase from your store.

Reading someone’s name off a name badge already tickles the customer’s brain into wanting more from your store or company. The badge is like an invitation to get to know you, your products or services, and your brand even better. Compare this with the experience of walking into a store for the first time and nobody behind the counter is wearing a name badge. You wouldn’t know the first place to start. Who do you approach first? What should you say? These are concerns that are automatically dealt with when you are given something as simple as a first name.

Are you interested in having personalized name badges for your group or company? Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving provides a full range of badge making services, which you can completely customize according to your preference and needs. Call us at 734-266-1815 to know more about our name badges!

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