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How To Give The Perfect Valentine’s Gift This Year

January 19, 2016 at 08:14 AM

Michigan Valentine's Day Personalized Gifts

It’s about time we learn from previous Valentine’s Day mistakes. Some gift ideas may seem sweet in the beginning, however, they may only cause remorse or clutter after Valentine’s is over. Read the following guidelines and you might just find the perfect gift for your perfect person.

Should you give flowers?

Michigan Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts

Traditional gift ideas include huge bouquets of flowers; however, unless your loved one is a real fan of flowers, you will only be giving her the ordeal of where to put the flowers after. There is guilt involved in having to throw flowers away in the garbage; after all, they were given as gifts. Don’t get us wrong! Receiving flowers from a loved one can trigger one of the best feelings in the world. It’s just that flowers lose their initial symbolic meaning immediately in the days after.

If you must give flowers for Valentine’s, why not pick one really good rose or tulip and place it in a customized jar or vase? This way, you can delight your loved one with the thrill of receiving flowers for Valentine’s, and at the same time, you can preserve the moment longer through a well-crafted and customized vase that could be repurposed for home décor.

Should you give chocolates?

Chocolates, candies, and other sugary sweet treats are other common gifts to give during Valentine’s. Small pieces of candy are great for friends, classmates, officemates, and the like, however, they’re not the best standalone gift to give to your partner. One reason is that receiving too much chocolate might entice one to break a longstanding diet, and that could create a terrible mess or fight after! Another reason is, unless you are giving the best specialty dark chocolate in the market, there is little thought behind something as common as a candy bar.

If you still want to give chocolates this year, just be sure to pair it with something personalized like a hand-written card, a framed photograph, or even a journal of scribbled letters accumulated in the past year. Now, that will be unforgettable!

Should you give just a card? 

Valentines Day Michigan Gifts

Greeting cards are still popular ways to express your love and gratitude during special occasions such as Valentine’s, however, due to the many different ways to communicate through mobile and the Internet, the real delight in giving a card is a little lost on the times. Many people prefer to send chat stickers, .gif greetings, and other meme-like graphics because they are more updated and creative.

However, the downside to these digital greetings is that you can only store them in your phone or computer. You won’t be able to display them unless it’s on your Facebook wall. This is why you should still consider giving a hand-written greeting card, but while you’re at it, add in a little extra personalization to make the gift last even longer.

You can choose to have a custom gift made along with your card. Does your partner love to drink coffee? Have a coffee mug printed with his/her name, or perhaps a line from his/her favorite book, song or movie. You can even print your greeting on a personalized nameplate so it lasts longer than paper! Moreover, it can be displayed for the years to come.

Choose a personalized gift. 

Great Lakes Trophies Valentine's Day Personalized Gifts

Whatever you decide to give this Valentine’s, just remember to add a personal touch. This little touch will go a long way because it shows that you care enough to exert the extra effort and time to get your message of love and gratitude across.

If you are still clueless about what to give this February, come check out the variety of personalized gifts made available by Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving. You can be as creative as you want! If you want to give your partner his or her own trophy for being the champion in your life, go ahead.  Get in touch with us at 734-266-1815 and we’ll help you make that perfect, thoughtful and personalized Valentine’s gift.

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