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Great Lakes Corvette Radar Mounting Bracket

February 11, 2014 at 12:14 AM

The Valentine 1


The Valentine 1 is arguably the best radar detector on the market today, and has been since 1991. While others may have more features and more modern looks, they also come at a higher price – and none can beat the Valentine 1 in terms of sheer performance and engineering.

The Valentine 1 is the only radar detector out there that includes a rear-facing antenna aside from the usual front-facing one. This gives it the ability to tell you whether detected signals are coming from the front, side, or rear. It is able to track multiple signals at once, as well as the different types, namely the X-, K- and Ka-bands, POP radar, and laser. The range is exceptional, being able to detect radar signals from over 13 miles away in the front and over 2 miles from the rear – long before any cause for real concern.

As if that weren’t enough, the Valentine 1 also works seamlessly with the free Trapster app, mapping out the locations of speed traps and traffic cameras as submitted by its huge base of other radar users across the country.

The Corvette


When it comes to cars to use with the Valentine 1, the Corvette is a perfect specimen. Those who are familiar with the owner of Great Lakes Trophies will know him for a long-time Corvette owner and enthusiast. While having the utmost respect for the brand since the first-generation Corvette, there is much and more to say about the 2014 C7 Stingray.

The seventh-generation Corvette has been re-innovated from the ground up, with practically every part improved for the latest rendition. The C7 sports an aluminium chassis, composite body panels, and double wishbone suspension with transverse springs and magnetorheological dampers. Its naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine boasts 460 horsepower and 465 lb. ft. of torque through a seven-speed gearbox to the rear wheels, again putting the “muscle” in “muscle car”. Options include automatic transmission, convertible, and the Z51 Performance Pack.

It’s no exaggeration that the 2014 Corvette and the Valentine 1 go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The Mounting Bracket


But wait – suction cups?!

Probably the only complaint you’ll have with the Valentine 1 is that it comes packaged with a suction cup mount for the windshield. Such a mount should only be used for cheap grocery-getters to go with the bobbing-head dog and hula dancer on the dash.

Such an eyesore has no place in any of the seven generations of Corvette. So it was that the Great Lakes Trophies owner and Corvette enthusiast put matters into his own hands and came up with his own Valentine 1 Corvette radar mounting bracket designs. These come in two mounting options: rear view or visor.

The rear view Corvette radar detector mounting bracket integrates the Valentine 1 seamlessly under the rear view mirror, minimizing the space taken up while still maintaining high visibility of the displays and controls. This places the V1 at the optimal position to be most effective, according to Valentine 1 website itself: “Valentine One radar detectors work best when mounted high in the windshield, and toward the center between the windshield pillars… detector performance is enhanced by a high mounting position. Two reasons. For radar, a longer sight line to the horizon always helps. For laser, moving away from the hood and its sun reflections helps a lot.” The mirror mount makes use of the plastic mount packaged with the V1 unit by removing the attached metal clip.

For those that still prefer to use a visor mount Corvette radar detector bracket, the Great Lakes Trophies design is just as seamless as befits such a car. Like the mirror mount, it makes use of the included plastic mount sans the metal clip, with the addition of utilizing the factory sun visor clip. For instructions, click here.

Whichever option you prefer, these alternatives make for a seamless and sleek radar mount worthy of your Corvette. The Great Lakes mounts are also available for Escort and Passport Radar Detectors as well. Stop by the Great Lakes Trophies Facebook Fan Page and let us know about your experience with the mounting bracket.


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